Grease Traps

All Clear Drains provides clients with grease trap supply, grease trap installation and grease trap maintenance. Under current Irish regulations, commercial businesses are required to have a properly installed and maintained grease trap.

Oils, fats and grease getting washed down a drain are one of the most common causes of drainage system problems. Grease, oil and fat can accumulate inside a drainage system, damaging the drain and leading to reoccurring blockages.

To make sure your drainage system is compliant with Irish regulation, All Clear Drains provides a supply, installation and grease trap maintenance service.

Grease Traps Dublin

All Clear Drains’s grease trap installation and supply services are based around the individual needs of the client. Our installation team work in close collaboration with the property owner and can recommend the appropriate type of grease trap for their needs.

From large industry kitchens to smaller cafes we have the appropriate type of grease trap for the unique needs of our diverse client portfolio.

An effective grease trap maintenance package is also required to make sure a grease trap is performing to the expected standard.
Depending on the needs of the client we can design an effective grease trap maintenance package to ensure their drainage system remains grease free.

For additional information on our grease trap installation service, get in contact with All Clear Drains today.